WCS Inc. CEO Tokumaru Oguri
Building Dreams for Fans of Japan

I would like to announce the formation of an incorporated wing of the non-profit World Cosplay Summit event.
While working at a broadcasting corportation in 2003, a colleague and I started the “World Cosplay Summit” event in which I took a leading role. This augmentation is not a change to the core of the event itself, rather the WCS will continue to grow along with our passion for cosplay that has continued to build over the past 10 years. After a good decade of the World Cosplay Summit we could sit back and admire how the event has grown, however we recognize that this is an important time where properly channeling the enthusiasm we all share for the event will make for effective development of the event into the future.
Over the years I have managed to arrange partnerships between the World Cosplay Summit and a number of national companies. Why do corporations have an interest in this event? Because the biggest source in the world for cosplay pop culture is Japan. And for many domestic businesses with aspirations of international expansion their global strategy often looks to pop culture to enhance their brand image abroad.
Let me share with you a personal memory. Since I was young I always admired foreign cultures and thought of different things from abroad as quite “cool”. I myself would copy things and it was always a strong wish of mine to travel abroad. At one point I saw a wonderful girl with striking blue eyes who was dressed up as the main character of a certain anime and I was surprised by her attention to detail and how much she looked like the anime character. Having gained my attention, I and my colleagues decided to embark on a trip to Japan Expo in France and we were further surprised to be surrounded by people simply because we were from Japan. They said amazing things like “I really like Japan”, “I want to go to Japan” or “I love Japan”. This was another great shock for me.
People in Japan don’t really know the extent to which people are passionate about Japanese culture. Many young people abroad nowadays learn about Japan and Japanese culture through anime and related forms of pop culture. They become interested in the culture and some even go so far as to visit our country. Japan is in fact one of the greatest centers of pop culture around the world. In this way it is only appropriate to call the country of Japan as a site of pilgrimage for those who wish to learn more or see fascinating things that they have heard about with their own eyes.
People in Japan really need to understand this, our country is fascinating, a global purveyor of culture - the extent to which this is true is not yet fully understood.
We hope people learn more about Japan.
We want more people to enjoy Japan.
We want to be a proactive organization to help people to come to Japan.

Being Japanese myself, I hope we come to appreciate our country more.
Furthermore, I hope that people in Japan have a greater understanding of foreign countries and cultures, just as many foreigners have some come to know and love Japan deeply.
We at WCS Inc. hope people will come to know the splendor of Japan and believe that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be one milestone in achieving this. Japanese pop culture is an effective means of exposing the wonder of Japan beyond words, borders and nationalities. Through connections made via various forms of networking and actively encouraging people to visit Japan, the World Cosplay Summit has grown to became a major event. I hope that by further developing a global perspective increasingly strong relations with countries around the world can be achieved. I am convinced that this can be accomplished after witnessing the interaction of cosplayers from various countries at our event with my own eyes.
This is the journey to convey the image of Japan the world loves. As we travel the world we hope to reach out to those who LOVE JAPAN to enable greater access to their interests. We will continue to work on developing a new pop culture format from the energy that lies behind the love and enthusiasm that is held for Japan

March, 2015
WCS Inc. Founder
Tokumaru Oguri